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A. Recruitment for Direct Placement (Staff Recruitment)

In the Recruitment for Direct Placement Program, SABA’s role is limited to that of sourcing and recruiting agent, For a one time charge based on percentage of the candidates annual gross salary, SABA works closely with the client to develop job descriptions and profiles of the ideal candidates for the client. SABA then searching to present the client with a selection candidates with the prerequisite qualifications and experience. Under Direct Placement program, SABA involvement and participation with the candidate ends on the selection and formal acceptance of the candidate by the client.

Under this program, Recruitment Fee only payable following “Successful Placement”. If you choose not to select any candidates submitted, there are no fees or charges payable. Our Recruitment Fees are structured on “Success Basis Only”. “NO RECRUITMENT FEE IS PAYABLE UNTIL AFTER YOU SELECT A SABA CANDIDATE”.


B. Recruitment for Contract Placement (Contract Personnel)

Under Recruitment leading to Contract Placement, SABA will recruit and place the candidate in the client’s organization for a mutual agreed period. We provide client with cost effective flexible solutions for their temporary personnel needs, whether you require one person or complete team, SABA can assist, both for short or long term assignment.

During this service, SABA handles all of the employee’s administration and statutory requirement including : Salaries and allowances, taxes, JAMSOSTEK, health allowance, THR allowance, and accident insurances.


C. Outsourcing Services

SABA has current contract with several companies in Celigon, over 800 workers and support staffs on “Contract Outsourcing” arrangements. Whereby we provide all the required employment and formalities services, whilst the employees continue to carry out the normal, daily assigned duties for the client. Under this arrangement, SABA is designated as the Employer and responsible of the following:

  • Employees hiring and Terminations
  • Preparing Worker Agreement
  • Payroll and Administration Function
  • Workers Compensation Insurance (JAMSOSTEK)
  • Liaison with Government Department including Manpower Department
  • Schedules for Work Rosters and Leave Breaks
  • Sourcing, selecting and presenting new employees, in accordance with Clients’ production and expansion schedules and programs.
Jakarta Office
Komplek Mutiara Faza, Blok RD 3
Jl.Condet Raya No.27, Gedong, Pasar Rebo
Jakarta Timur - 13760
Telp : 021 – 22854864 (Hunting)
Fax : 021 –29378611
Email : sabajkt@sabapratama.co.id
Contact Person: Ismail Sholeh, (General Manager)
Mobile:  0813 1798 6426
Mobile:  0818 0652 3020

Cilegon Office (Head Office)
Jl. Lintas Penghubung Tol Cilegon Barat
Masigit Kotasari Cilegon Banten
Telp : 0254 – 574672 Fax : 0254 – 576035
Email : sabaclg@sabapratama.co.id
Contact Person: H. Syaiful Bahri, (President Director)
Mobile:  0812 9431 259 – 0819 1116 0999
Maftuhi, (Advisor)
Mobile:  0878 1219 849
Surabaya Operation Office
Jl. Wiyung Tengah I no.52
Surabaya - 60228
Telp : 031 – 7520025  Fax : 031 – 7525545
Email : sabasby@sabapratama.co.id
Contact Person: Eddy Soenarto, (Marketing)
Mobile:  0821 3935 7623
Sandy, (Marketing)
Mobile:  0852 3399 9123

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